Attracting Your Abundance Angels

Attracting Your Abundance Angels

1. Introduction

Of course, how much and when and how is not an exact science, which is why we often want divine intervention. Abundance or plenty-making angels can oversee your fortune when you ask them for help, even if you don't generally consider yourself needing angels or in any other wealth need. Anything to do with money can happily be put in their hands and sent off to soar away. They go about their mission by means of the magical laws of attraction. Some folks refer to this as the law of relativity. These laws are constantly creating our experiences of life, and angels work on the positive side of it, attempting to make your thoughts and feelings positive with the deep belief in your heart that there is enough in life for everyone's need, whatever it may be on any occasion. Many reasons for financial problems stem from the ill will and negative emotions that you may bring against yourself or others that make up part of the whole financial puzzle of life. Using magic and the powerful help of the abundance-creating angel you are calling upon, you can override some of your money concerns with the blessed vibration of joyful wealth. When you decide to summon up plenty-making angels of abundance to use for magical angel-invoking gatherings, your intentions must include a burning desire and enthusiasm for wealth. The burning desire for these angels will magically help you achieve and draw in what you desire more quickly. Only one warning, though, you have to keep the intention sincere and try to offer a degree of trust in them as you focus on sending them out. These intentions and emotions will engage with the angels on a more intense level, and the more intense you can work, the more powerful the energy.

In the world of angels and other divine beings, it is not uncommon to believe angels can help us manage all sorts of personal afflictions in our lives. We have angels for everything, that is, for love, health, housing, children, and more besides. This paragraph is about abundance-making angels who love to bring plenty of wealth and summons if you would like to show money. They are different from your everyday guardian angels, who are more likely to help you with making decisions and giving guidance. Instead, these busy beings will perform whatever they can to help you appeal wealth into your life. Think of them as accessing the best pragmatic money magic you can because they have the capability to enhance the magical energy you are ready to send out. They can help to free and empower you to make bolder, quicker steps towards wealth. Of course, what always helps abundance magic is the genuine intention to desire to work hard too. Create space in your life for these hardworking, joy-choosing angels based on some of the simple rituals included in this task guide.

1.1. Understanding the Concept of Abundance Angels

Abundance angels are powerful heavenly beings who have received a "divine calling" from God to aid and assist mortals in solving their financial difficulties and other material needs. As a qualified abundance angel, you have been assigned to specific persons, places, and businesses, based on preselected factors such as karma, mission on Earth, spiritual mission, daily living schedule, life journey schedule, and other celestial management factors. It is also important to note that you are not expected or allowed to help every person you meet on the street, in business, or in encounters. To do so could be overwhelming, particularly from a financial and time perspective. As a business entity, you also need to determine how involved you can get, as too much of the wrong kind of help could lead to debt.

Abundance angels are generous and giving people who are financially inclined. They are people who understand financial matters relatively well, and they are always ready, willing, and able to help others through difficult times. Although most people may know a person or two who fit the description of abundance angels, like any angel helpers, financial angel helpers do not flaunt their roles. Instead, they operate benevolently, providing small, unobtrusive favors to those in need whenever they can.

2. The Power of Positive Thinking

We all know about the power of prayer, thought, and visualization. More and more people are recognizing that through these techniques, their lives have become enriched and abundant in all areas. In order to have abundance in our lives, we need to first have a positive attitude toward money. If we have negative thoughts about money, then we cannot be totally in the flow and our efforts will be weakened. Small miracles occur every day, but if we look for the big ones, we overlook the small blessings. The power of positive thinking, prayer, and visualization techniques can open the flow to let prosperity into our lives. Be open to your blessings, no matter how they come.

In order to attract the angels into our lives, we need to change the way we think about money. Negative thoughts about money shut off the flow of abundance. Thoughts such as "I can't afford it", "I'll never be wealthy", "I'd love to have a million" are all examples of negative thinking about money and will keep the flow of abundance from coming to you. Thoughts such as "I am blessed", "I am grateful for all the riches of life", "I am money" will open up the flow to allow abundance to come to you with little or no effort on your part.

2.1. Shifting Your Mindset to Attract Abundance

If you want more, start by believing that you deserve it. Everything starts in your mind. Growing into your best you and living with abundance is achieved when your spiritual, mental and physical elements are listening to your spirit and a true alignment within yourself is present. Remove revenue blocks and the negative thoughts about money and attract wealth. You want to identify and have them working for you. Reasonable education levels, having positive money feelings, getting comfortable around money, having financial dreams are indicators of abundance. Challenge yourself. You owe it to yourself to channel your Dominant Financial Intelligence.

One of the first things to do on a life-changing journey is to analyze what the hurting, achieving, producing, loving, breathing you is attracting and why. Are you a success magnet or an energy satyr for people and situations that are not nurturing? People who seek and accept true emotional and material abundance interrogate their standards, commitments, needs and wants, and design a life that is purpose-driven and wealth-seeking. In fact, if you aren't abundantly feeding your spirit, keeping your body healthy or surrounding yourself with individuals who continually inspire you, and forcing yourself to do it, you could be getting in your own way of attracting abundance.

3. Manifesting Your Desires

Violating free will or intending harm cancels your blessings before they arrive, creating a karmic odyssey for you. The key to manifesting is desire tempered by responsibility. Assume that all is well and that your heart's desire is on its way. Do your part to ensure that the way is clear and that you are prepared to receive. You cannot measure another person's karma. You cannot judge another based solely on external appearances. You cannot take advantage of the cosmic rules. You cannot program, manipulate, or force the universe to do anything. Be mindful of your thoughts. The more unwavering your belief and positive your emotion, the greater your natural manifestation abilities become. You are the master of your destiny. Age, gender, nationality, assumptions of your worth by others, nor low self-esteem hamper this truth. Your beliefs alone shape and pave your life's path. Your circumstances alter as soon as your mind does, reflecting your changed consciousness. Meanwhile, your inherent power to create doesn't change. Your current reality simply reflects where your thoughts currently concentrate. Attract only what your higher self and your divine assistance deem correct. Posture yourself in the psyche of the second and sixth chakra vibrations with positive heart-filled intention. Then obtain position for best LoA results.

First, clarify within: what is your heart's desire? After all, it cannot manifest if you don't know what it is. Pinpoint as many specifics as you can, including quantity. If you desire money, be clear about how much money will satisfy you and for what purpose. Do you need it for a new home, car, vacation, or college tuition?

3.1. Practical Techniques to Manifest Abundance

Instead of attracting an abundance of wealth, we have shut the door into plenty and kept it shut. We have not understood the universal methods and laws of attracting abundance, and now that we know them, it is high time for us to adopt them and unlock the treasure-houses that belong to us all. Some ignorant people acquire a little money and think that they have all they desire. They shut off the flow of abundance greatly to their own disadvantage. Of such, it has been wisely said that their "angel of plenty came to their house and, in default of being received as a guest, turned around and passed on to another who was more worthy and welcoming than they were."

We are abundantly supplied, but we do not see it. Day by day, we meet with trials and difficulties, but abundance has been given to us to meet them all. All that is necessary is to acquire the true method of attracting this abundance, which shall keep us free from want. With so many opportunities for gaining it, why should wealth not come to us in great abundance? We know that it is waiting for us, eager to come to us, but we have not known how to open the way for it.

4. Building a Supportive Environment

Take off your coat of apprehension and become a generous being. Become peaceful and active and have all the good things in life that you are willing to accept. As you take care of your needs, you better serve those around you. Everyone can be helped to a more comfortable standard of living when you attract your Abundance Angels to support you. Arrive at your prosperity by believing it can happen. Allow your belief in your ability to attract prosperity to resonate in every cell of your body. Become aware of your beliefs and affirm what you want for yourself. Brilliance is your birthright.

Build a life-affirming environment for yourself that reflects your highest spiritual truths. Spend time with people whose presence uplifts, inspires, and motivates you. As you uplift your family and friends, you will love yourself for the tender care you give. You will feel your abundance touch every aspect of your life and most importantly, you give yourself permission to have all good things come to you in countless other forms. Fill your life with nonstop fun, you'll find reasons to celebrate every day. You attract your Abundance Angels to help you manifest your dreams of becoming a woman who is more prosperous than you'd ever known. Sharing your abundance with all you meet, you'll bless them with all good things of life.

4.1. Surrounding Yourself with Positivity

The universe provides the reality that we forecast through our belief systems. When I started working with my abundance angels to change my belief system and my attitude towards money, I quickly realized that having an abundant attitude did make a huge difference in what I received from the universe. When I opened my eyes each morning, I would ask my abundance angels to help me see the world in a way that supports investments, financial well-being, and abundance. I also asked my abundance angels to help me see the opportunities available to me, to sort the wheat from the chaff, and focus on those areas where I would have the best success. If I could see how to make money, I could then ask my money angels to help me bring those opportunities to fruition and manifest the lifestyle supporting it. The key reason why I asked my abundance angels to foster a positive attitude towards money is because your attitude forms a vortex, and that vortex pulls positive things into your life. So, if you have one of those 'Oh, poor pitiful me' days or feel buried by the problems at work or school, ask your abundance angels to surround you with their higher earthly energies and bless you with prosperous thoughts.

Your own attitude towards money and how abundant you feel make a huge difference in the energy that you project to the universe. When I grew up, one of the subtle - and sometimes not so subtle - messages that I picked up from my parents was that it was hard to make money and having money was evil. Yikes! What a negative attitude to be giving to children who will grow up and need money to eat and pay for shelter! The messages kept putting me in the scarcity mindset, which I thought was a positive way to look at the real world. I looked for ways to trim my spending and lived frugally, and saved as much as possible thinking that someday my ship would come in and everything would be wonderful. I was just sure that my ship was just over the horizon and that there was a good reason why I should feel strapped for cash. Was I ever wrong.

5. Maintaining Your Abundance Mindset

If you are concerned by ongoing negativity from significant individuals in your life, it is time to perform a belief cleanse, operate from a higher perspective, bless all concerned, and then choose to walk your own path anyway. It is important to trust that your friends will understand your feelings in due course, and that you are doing what seems right. This is an essential self-help stage. A final word: be on the lookout for your old nemesis, the ego, attempting to block progress by convincing you to stand still in this new stopover. You have proved, by your actions and pedigree, that you no longer require another familiar comfort blanket. After all, not even a powerful, assertive lion would ever sleep with a fluffy cuddly toy when there is a perfectly adequate rock. Be now as wise as the fox with rats and know where to draw the line between concern and personal integrity.

The previous chapters have described how to form an effective partnership with your angels in order to attract your abundance. This chapter will now share a few thoughts on how to ensure that you remain in such a carefully nurtured and hard-won place—often in an environment where others are mired in the lack mentality that bedevils so many. Perhaps you are close to someone who has taken this journey and made a good deal of progress, and then found that the lure of physical reality has become almost unbearable, with peers and loved ones possibly reinforcing these difficulties. It is sometimes hard to remember that such behavior or words from others are not personal. It is a reflection of their state of scarcity in physical terms, possibly brought about by the need to control by persuading you that you should come back to this supposed 'base of reality'. You do not owe them anything, you should not have to explain your journey (there will be a time when it's appropriate to explain, if not to preach) and you should wish others equally unqualified abundance and success.

5.1. Daily Practices for Sustaining Abundance

The key to success in any area is consistency; do this every day without giving in to impatience, mediocrity, fear, or negativity. With enough time, the new self-image you have created will automatically filter out the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are contrary to your desired financial future. Your subconscious mind will gently guide you to take the necessary actions that are required in order to achieve success. You will no longer be fighting with yourself to stay on track, because your habits and the patterns of thought or behavior will support your success. We are creatures of habit, and our habits determine our level of success or failure more than any other single factor.

There are several daily practices you can use that will help keep you in a high-vibration, abundant state. Using the "secret ingredient" that is discussed in the daily formula for success is essential if you want to attract your abundance angels on a regular basis. I personally use the following five steps every morning before I begin my day. I suggest you do the same. It only takes five minutes to set your abundant intentions and to activate your subconscious mind for successfully achieving those intentions. If you practice these simple techniques every day, your subconscious mind will gradually begin to believe that you are truly abundant. You will stop hustling to attract abundance and the flow to you will increase naturally.

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